Information to Report of Cybersecurity competence framework
The aim of the two-year Erasmus+ project Interdisciplinary Cyber ​​Training (InCyT) is first to develop a Cybersecurity competence framework that vocational training and companies can use to improve competencies and skills in order to avoid cyber-attacks. Digitally supported interdisciplinary learning programs and a mentoring one for SMEs employees, an adapted version for vocational training and a European transferability model will be also developed and tested.

The project partners developed a Report attempts to give information about the state of existing gaps and requirements for knowledge and skills within SMEs in this context by reviewing existing situation and practices and to propose a way to improve the situation including a training program taking into consideration EU based digital and Cybersecurity programs.  This document will serve s as a basis for starting a process of development of the planned comprehensive Cybersecurity competence framework having as result employees and managers of SMEs being competent to avoid cyber-attacks .It should be implemented taking into consideration particularities of SMEs business in partner countries, as well as European legislation; this will allow for being continuously updated and serve as a platform for meeting the needs of SMEs and other actors who deal regularly with the supply and demand sides of Cybersecurity competences and skills.
Focus was especially on the feasibility of such an approach and the possibility of building on the existing situation in SMEs and on results of work already undertaken in the partner countries and EU.
Attention was placed on aspects as a wide acceptance by SMEs employees, managers, cyber consultants, implementation in project partner countries in project time, ensuring sustained relevance by means of continuous updates and a sound dissemination strategy, helping companies and VET to analyze actual situation and skillsets and take corresponding measures within the organizations and education programs.
The information about the Report can be obtained from