Interdisciplinary Cyber Training

The Task O1: the development of the Methodology used for the implementation of InCyT Cybersecurity framework has been finished. This Framework will be developed and validated during the project life interactively in cooperation with employees of some SMEs selected by project partners and cyber consultants. The proposal of European Commission i.e., The Digital Competence Framework 2.0 (Dig Comp 2.0 has been used at Methodology, particularly in order to prepare employees for digital transformation within the training program which will be developed in InCyT.

The planned tasks in this context which have been finished are:

  • Review of digital skills and other ones necessary in Cybersecurity for professionals and not professionals to avoid cyber-attacks
  • Analysis of the gaps in this context in SMEs in partner countries by using short Interviews and Desk research
  • Information of existing training (courses) in SMEs Framework
  • Information about curriculum in VET in partner countries Additionally to experience of VET project partners, each partner will do short discussions with VET institutions from own country
  • Identification of opportunities for improvements of these by using interdisciplinarity and mentoring Literature recherche and Examples of such programs (very few exists) will be used.
  • A plan for interdisciplinary learning and mentoring methodology.
  • A plan for curriculum for a such interdisciplinary training to be adapted in each partner country. Research results and Experience of such partners (i.e., the coordinator) will be used for curriculum
  • A plan of methodology and curriculum for a special interdisciplinary course in VET will be developed.

The project partners decided to do a common preparatory work including:

Short interviews with Cyber Consultants for SMS (2 in each partner country) in order to decide which training modules are necessary and will be developed in O2 and short Desk-Research studies within the project partner countries to describe the situation about Cybersecurity measures in their countries and necessary new ones to avoid cyber-attacks.

IO2: Learning material and translation

The planned tasks of this IO2 which have been fulfilled are:

  1. Work package methodology
  2. Produce a template to generate learning material in a consistent form (appendix 1)
  3. Discuss the content of training module.
  4. Breakdown of each module into units
  5. Develop written content for each unit.
  6. Sent to partners for review.
  7. Develop the last version of the training modules.
  8. Send content to IPA partner, responsible for preparation of the digital platform for uploading the modules.
  9. Translate written content of training into partner languages.
  10. Develop and use a mentor handbook.
  11. Execution of the training program.

IO3 Web-site and ICT Platform
The object of the Website and ICT Platform, which have been developed, are to provide information about the InCyT project and a collaborative workspace to support the training process taking into consideration IO1, IO2 and particularly IO3 methodologies. 

The ICT Platform (IO3) has the following objectives:

  • To guide SMEs through learning process about cyber-attacks and refer them to relevant material as required.
  • To provide opportunities for collaboration Group work/ Discussion Forums
  • To be a Collaborative platform to allow SMEs and education providers to connect.
  • To produce Feedback.
The platform fulfils following Functional requirements.
  • Collaboration between learners from SMEs
  • Access learning material
  • Collaboration between SMEs and education providers
  • Reporting, Feedback
  • Certification

IO4: Analysis how the developed skills can be used to avoid cyber-attacks in SMEs
The tasks fulfilled within IO4 were:

  • The Observations about the use of the ICT Platform
  • Conclusions about learning tasks
  • Evaluation questionnaires about the Platform and Training
  • Interviews with learners and mentors

The project aims to develop and transfer Intellectual Output (IO5) to widen its accessibility to SMEs and VETs. The goal is to amplify the use of the "InCyT project" results across diverse VETs, thereby increasing its visibility. The main deliverable is a report outlining the project's progression, course results, and transferability recommendations.

The approach involves a 9-step process, from goal-setting to a conclusive report, emphasizing cyber security. Tasks, adapted for online execution due to COVID-19 restrictions, include surveys, interviews, evaluations of existing programs, report drafting, peer reviews, and report finalization.

Success metrics are set for each task, from online surveys to report publication. The final products include a work package methodology, documented surveys, potential program lists for transfer, transferability advice, and a comprehensive report. Additionally, the document offers templates for various tasks.

Event: Cooperation with VET within InCyT
Within IO5, a proposal for a transferability model of InCyT training program for vocational education and training (VET) will be developed, after discussion with such institutions, and a European model too. The main objective is to ensure that the project results can be used in the future by other education organisations.
Each partner organized a Multiplier Event with teachers and students in own partner countries to make known the InCyT training for them and discuss cooperation possibilities to use of InCyT results.

One of the IAT tasks in this context  was to organize together with a VET institution an event on cybersecurity to discuss the use of InCyT results. It should be i.e. a school that offers both education and training for students, some of them also working in SMEs, and has a technical profile.

IAT spoke to a number of schools in GE and decided for Berufskolleg Königsstraße in Gelsenkirchen. IAT has already successfully cooperated with the school on another cybersecurity project. The school is very active in the Erasmus+ program. Some pictures from the event are bellow.

The Multiplier Event in Italy was held on July 22nd at the Politecnico di Torino, Turin. The people invited were graduate and undergraduate students either working in companies or self-employed (the most part).
After a description of the Project, its objectives and the participation of international partners, the participants discussed with Professor Claudio Fornaro about computer security problems in general, with a particular focus on education of managers and employees of SMEs and the opportunity to use InCyT results to VET courses.
Many people from both scientific and humanistic areas have shown interest in the topic and then decided to enrol.

The InCyT Multiplier Event in Craiova, Romania, took place on September 14, 2023, at College “Stefan Odobleja”.  The target group: teachers / VET authorities and representatives, University of Craiova, Dolj County School Inspectorate, SMEs (including partners for dual scholarship), IPA team. Nomber of participants: 56.
Information was provided on how to identify digital gaps and improve this situation through interdisciplinary training and mentoring. The InCyT platform was presented and a workshop was organized to discuss the quality, effectiveness, necessity and transferability of the results. A web site for the multiplier event was created, where all the materials was presented, including photos.
Getting the resources and funding to support cybersecurity education, finding the right balance between cybersecurity education and professional training can be a big challenge.

Breakthrough ideas, innovative solutions and comprehensive discussion - these three elements were at the heart of the 7th Something About IT Security Scientific Conference, which took place on Thursday, May 25, 2023.
The event, organized by the Something About IT Security scientific circle, brought together experts in the field of cyber security to share their knowledge and experience, as well as present the latest trends and developing technologies.

The multiplier activity of the project named InCyT- Interdisciplinary Cyber Training- in Turkey was completed on September 13, 2023 in Zonguldak/Kozlu. Public institutions, vocational training institutions, education administrators, Chamber of Commerce and Industry and SMEs in Zonguldak province were invited. 85 participants attended the multiplier event, which was held in the form of a comprehensive cyber security conference.

Multiplier event in Denmark 16th September 2023, International House Aalborg The program had two pillars: (1)Telling about the Incyt project and (2) presenting the online platform and the courses for employees and managers.
The participants were SME managers, NGO employees and students. The participants were very satisfied and we had a constructive discussion about the cyber security issues and the best possible training.